About Magellan

Magellan Travel Group’s mission is to enhance the profitability of Independent Travel Agents and empower them to control their own destiny…

Our Promise To You

Three core principles underpin the Magellan Travel Group’s commitment to its travel agent members.

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    Magellan’s key purpose is to profit for its members. This is a significant change from the old-world model of Groups profiting from their members for the benefit of an 
external shareholder.

    In Magellan, there is no hidden retention of profit – all profit is for the benefit of members themselves as unit holders.

    As a result Magellan is completely transparent and Agents are kept fully informed of all commercial dealings. They know what the Group is earning. They can see how those earnings flow through to members in accordance with their sales.

  • Destiny

    The Unit Trust Deed dictates that profits from supplier over-rides are shared with members as unit trust distributions pro-rata to the Agents own sales.

    This means Member Agents can increase their own future earnings with increased sales of preferred suppliers. Their destiny is in their hands.

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    Magellan agents earn best-in-market upfront commissions plus override payments that are paid promptly undiluted by administrative overheads or shareholder dividends. The modest annual membership fees paid by Magellan agents fund a low-cost administration so profit is not reduced by unnecessary central cost.

    Agents joining the Group have reported doubling and tripling their over-ride earnings which is essential in times of downward pressure on margins.

Low Central Cost

  • Best value can only be delivered with a rigorous focus on low central cost. Magellan Travel Group has a small, tightly run Head Office comprising a CEO and a team of administrative staff focused on member services and the timely and accurate reporting and distribution of over-rides.

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