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  • Magellan formation

    The Magellan Travel Group was formed by three Travel Agents Andrew Jones, Trevor Jones and Kevin Dale who are high profile, long-standing members of the Australian Travel Industry.

    Together they shared a vision to develop a new Group to cater for the needs of strong, independent, successful Travel Agents. They formed Magellan Travel Group in April 2008 with this objective.

  • Governance

    Magellan Travel Group operates on an inclusive basis whereby member agents have complete access to Board Members to provide input into policy and management decisions.

    Annual Conference always includes transparent reporting and a Members Open Forum where feedback and questions from Member Agents are encouraged and considered.

    Decisions are made by the Board and Management with the best interests of Member Agents always top of mind.

  • Buying Group

    The Magellan family of independent agents benefits from the network’s ability to negotiate with suppliers to secure the best deals for their customers and maximise commission earnings.

  • Niche

    In addition to contracts with all major suppliers, Magellan agents have access to deals with niche operators offering specialised products that enhance their ability to tailor specialised arrangements to deliver precisely what their clients want.

  • Timely and accurate reporting

    Magellan Travel Group reports in detail, and in a timely manner:

    • All sales of preferred suppliers by individual member agent
    • Overrides earned from preferred suppliers by individual member agent.

    This reporting provides a totally transparent sales and override report for individual member agent’s use only. Agent’s business information is held in the strictest confidence and is for the use of the individual member only.

  • Best Fit

    Not all agents are suited to Magellan. The Group is not for those who lack the confidence to take ownership of their business and build their own local brand, relying instead on the support of a nationally promoted brand.

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