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Magellan agents take pride in offering superior service and delivering optimum value to their clients. They can do so because they are experienced and well-travelled with insightful knowledge of what offerings will best suit client needs. And their independence frees them from corporate pressure to push particular product lines.

A typical Magellan agent is likely to have a loyal following of high-end clients. They have a high profile in their marketing area and a reputation for delivering expert advice and good value based on sound knowledge and years of experience. They enjoy, and benefit from, engaging with like-minded colleagues in an inclusive environment.

Magellan Agent Profile:

Typically, a Magellan member will own an established
medium to large agency with

    • Turnover in line with group qualifying criteria
    • Leisure or corporate business or mix of both
    • Strong local identity and community profile.
    • The desire, and ability, to manage their own brand and marketing
    • IATA and ATAS accreditation
  • Truly Independent

    Magellan agents prefer to work independently to build their own brand. They establish a local profile by honing their businesses to the needs of the clients in their market area rather than trying to fit them into a “one size suits all” approach.

  • Like minded agents

    One of the most valued benefits of Magellan membership is the opportunity to engage with like-minded agents in a co-operative, collaborative environment.

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